November 2021.

I had an idea for a service to handle user authentication and password-less login using Stripe.

I'm scratching my own itch here, but I think what I'm building can help fellow Indie Hackers and small SaaS businesses as well.

But before a little bit of background to how I got here.

It all started when I wanted to offer paid plans to one of my apps ( It seemed simple: set up Stripe checkout, add a link to the pricing page, and we are in business.

But, it didn't take long to realize that I now also need to manage users, allow them to login, reset their password, update their plans and restrict access to certain features.

None of this stuff is core to my app, and baking this into my product will require infrastructure that I don't have and don't feel like supporting and maintaining.

From experience, I know that integrating authentication and authorization in your app or service is:

1. Not fun
2. Complex
3. Time-consuming

There are lots of ways of doing it.

You can build it straight up using something like Auth0 or choose a library in your framework of choice like Devise or AuthLogic for Rails to get you started.

However, there's still a lot of plumbing like setting up a secure database, password reset, and welcome email to get things going.

It's a lot of work.

Or you can go with some SaaS offerings, but that requires integration as well, although a lot easier than rolling your own.

But there's one caveat, you now have a third-party service handling your users for you. I don't think it's a big deal, but I know it's controversial.

I wanted something simpler.

I wanted to let users start a free trial or paid plan without asking them to create an account first.

I wanted a solution that didn't require installing a Javascript SDK or any backend infrastructure.

I wanted something flexible enough to support most authentication and authorization use cases with very little code.

The light bulb went off when I realized that, like me, most Indie Hackers and SaaS businesses use Stripe to accept payments, and Stripe is, in fact, your users' database!

Now, what if I could offer a service that, on top of Stripe, provides:

Passwordless authentication and emailBranded hosted login and admin pages with zero codeJWT authorization for custom frontend/backend integrationNo dependencies
That's what I'm building with Neologin, and I would love to have you as an early adopter/beta tester or hear your input anytime at [email protected] or @eduardosasso.

Join me. Follow my progress and help me build this!

You're in.